Schedule a Free 20-Minute Consultation

Training, experience and therapeutic orientation are all important factors to consider when selecting a therapist. A positive experience  can also depend on simple things like how it feels to be in someone's office and what it is like to have a real-time conversation. Teacup Counseling offers a free 20-minute consultation at our Boulder office to evaluate a good fit without making a financial commitment. 

Once scheduled, the therapist requested will send you a welcome and confirmation email within 24 business hours. 

*Please note: Appointment requests made within 24 hours will be prompted to call to schedule. 

If for any reason you would prefer to schedule by phone, please feel free to do so. Either one of us would be happy to help you. 

Nina Hausfeld can be reached at (720) 209-4601

Ayal Hausfeld can be reached at (720) 684-8654